Free Spirit Jeans

The Story



Free Spirit Jeans was founded in 1990.  Several years after the brand was started, Free Spirit's fame shot to the top of the charts when Hollywood came calling.  The combination of body conscious jean styles mixed with innovative garment washes made Free Spirit Jeans one of the leaders in the status jeans industry, especially among the Hollywood scene. In the late 90's you could find Free Spirit Jeans on shows like:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ally McBeal and Dharma and Greg  just to name a few.

For over 30 years, Free Spirit Jeans has successfully lead the tumultuous status jeans industry by reinforcing the brand name through creative advertising, sales promotions (i.e. The Free Jean Giveaway) and solid relationships.  To survive in the status jeans business for more then five years is a story in itself. To lead in the status jeans market is an accomplishment.

Corporate Governance

At Free Spirit we are guided by the principle that enduring corporate success is not only measured
in financial terms. We recognize that how we conduct our business and how we participate in the communities in which we operate are equally important to all that we accomplish financially.




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