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Special Events

Events and Sponsorships

Thank you for your interest.  We wholeheartedly lend our support to a variety of community-based programs & events.

Evaluations criteria

We look for events and programs that help position Free Spirit Jeans Brand as the leader in the designer status jeans market place.  We welcome opportunities with strong brand exposure and we like to align our jeans line with other quality product and events.  Well executed product trail opportunities in high traffic areas are essential to our participation.

Submitting a proposal

In preparing your proposal, please provide all of the information outlined under General Sponsorship Criteria.  Send your completed proposal to:

Free Spirit Jeans
c/o Sponsorship

We will make every effort to respond within three weeks of receiving your proposal.  If we have any questions or need more information, we will contact you.

General Sponsorship Criteria

Three-month lead time

Please submit your proposal no later than 3 months prior to the scheduled start of the event.

Brief description of the event

Include a brief description of the event, outlining the general purpose and specific objectives, the dates, location, attendance and the demographics (historical and projected).  If this is an established event or program, please include a brief history of the participation and results achieved.

Contact information for event producer

Be sure to include appropriate contact information: phone, fax, email, etc.

Website address

Is there a website we should visit for additional information?  If so, be sure to let us know.

Sampling/trial opportunities

What opportunities exist for participants to sample Free Spirit Jeans and tees at your event?  How will the product be presented?  Is Free Spirit Jeans responsible for the sampling program in its entirety or can you provide volunteers or paid staff to assist with set-up, tear down and sampling?

Fees and product donations

Please detail all sponsorship fees, as well as requirements you may have for in-kind donations.  In addition, please outline estimated additional cost we should expect for on-site expenses, lodging, promotional items, etc

Direct on-site sales opportunities

If jean and tee sales will take place at the event, does Free Spirit Jeans have the opportunity to sell clothes and is that an exclusive opportunity?  If so, what are estimated lot sales?  Are there any opportunities to introduce Free Spirit Jeans for additional sales opportunities in and around the venue on a more permanent basis?


Do you develop/maintain an attendee/participant database and are those names/address/emails available to Free Spirit Jeans in any form?

Hospitality benefits

Please advise us if we would be eligible for complimentary or discounted lodging, meals or entertainment, VIP tickets and/or complimentary activities.

Pass-through sponsorship opportunities

Are there any opportunities for Free Spirit Jeans to pass through sponsorship rights to our distributors and retail partners.

Event marketing and promotion

Where will the event be promoted?  Specifically, how will Free Spirit Jeans' involvement in the event be promoted through advertising, public relations, retail promotions, etc.?

Media partners

Does the event have radio, TV, Internet, magazine or newspaper partners who will be promoting/covering the event?

Other event sponsors & partners

Please list and specify confirmed vs. tentative partners.

Event follow-up

What can Free Spirit Jeans expect the event producer to provide in terms of event follow-up? (photos, video, reports on participation and results, including participant demographics, interviews with attendees.)


You may include any other information that you believe will be pertinent to our evaluation process.  Thank you for taking the time to share this important information with us.



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